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Excessive armpit sweating is humiliating. If you are attending a social gathering and you cannot control the sweating, your actions will be limited since you cannot simply raise your hands and reveal the wetness of your armpits. This condition is called hyperhydrosis. Hyperhydrosis refers to the excessive sweating of different body parts- in this case, the armpits. While sweating is good because it controls the body’s temperature, it can be very embarrassing for others especially if it is too much.

Armpit sweating is not a hopeless case because you can still do things to minimize if not totally eliminate the excessive sweating. Here’s an overview:


The first line of defence is antiperspirant. You should learn the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant. Antiperspirant usually contains aluminium chloride solution that can effectively shut the sweat glands thereby stopping the sweating. Deodorants on the other hand only mask scent or odour.

Bath and hair removal

It always goes back to hygiene. If you always take a bath, bacteria will be washed up and eliminated. You should make time removing underarm hairs.

Home remedies

Sometimes home remedies are more effective than other treatments. You can consider the application of vinegar in the armpits before going to sleep and wash them in the morning when you wake up. You can also apply sage tea and lemon juice every day. Some people find the application of talc or baby powder effective.

Wearing of cotton, silk and wool shirts will minimize sweating or perspiration.

Medical treatment

If all else fails, it is time to see the doctor. They will recommend many treatments like botulinum toxin injections, botox, iontophoresis and thoracis sympathectomy.

These treatments are expensive and to some point painful.

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Your feet deserve attention as well. Many people only concentrate skin treatments along the face, arms, legs and back but they rarely consider the condition of the foot. You should give attention to your feet because it is working hard every day. There are many treatments that you can employ to keep your feet healthy and clean but it will vary depending on your feet’s condition. It is good if you don’t have any foot odour or athlete’s foot but what if you have? It should be treated as soon as possible to avoid embarrassing situations.

Foot Odour

People will think that foot odour is an indication of bad hygiene. There’s a truth to that because the presence of odour is a sign that bacteria found your foot moist and warm enough which is the perfect environment for them to breed and multiply. The medical term for foot odour is Bromhidrosis. The good thing about this is it is temporary and with home remedies, you can treat it.

You can begin by washing the feet thoroughly. The perspiration and the bacteria causing the foul smell should be washed with deodorant soaps. After washing it, make sure to dry it well. Until the smell goes away, always wash the feet but when you notice your feet flaking, you should reduce the number of times you wash it. You can use foot powder every time you use your shoes. If you have time, wash the shoes.

Athelet’s Foot

This condition is caused by tinea pedis. When tinea invades the toes, it can cause reddening of the skin, itchiness and flaking. There are treatments that you can consider too. Begin by washing and drying your feet thoroughly, wearing clean socks, using of foot powder, foot soaking and many others.

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Summer is officially open, and people are in the look for the best places to stay for this year’s summer season. To help you with your vacation plans, here’s a list of this year’s top summer destinations.

W Retreat Koh Samui, Thailand

If you’re looking for the best party atmosphere, W Retreat Koh Samui is the place to visit. Situated in the most exquisite islands of the Kra Isthmus, Thailand, this all-villa resort boasts its beautiful landscape of palm trees and lush tropical plants, crystal clear and waters sandy beaches. W Retreat Koh Samui also has 75 luxurious cabins exquisitely decorated, and each has its own private swimming pool!

Amanwana, Moyo Island, Indonesia

Amanwana in Moyo Island of Indonesia is said to be one of the world’s best camping sites the best. Set on a beach in a secluded, Amanwana is a wilderness retreat with accommodation in luxury tents. Also, you can explore their marine park, which is said to be one of the best snorkelling and scuba diving site in Indonesia. To get there, you’ll need to fly from Denpasar Airport in a float plane. Then after an hour flight, the plane lands directly in front of Amanwana.

Nam Hai, Hoi An, Vietnam

Along the infinite stretch of sand, among Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage, a stretch of classy and stylish, visually fascinating villas lines the Nam Hai beachfront. The world-renowned resort features sixty one-sophisticated villas as well as forty privately owned villa residences each with private infinity pool.  The gracious and distinctive culture of Vietnam chains with Nam Hai’s exceptional grandeur to deliver one of the world’s notable luxury experiences.

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Widget is one of the exclusive features of Android OS. Home screen widgets display calendar schedule and appointments, time and weather, battery info, or even let you raise a virtual pet. Work faster and be informed without the hassle of scanning through your phone by adding these essential Android widgets.

Eye in Sky Weather

Eye in Sky Weather widget is a free weather app for Android OS phones and tablets. The app façade is simple and very customizable. It stays in the home screen with background that the user can customize. All the essential features of a weather app are included in the widget, such as current weather condition, weekly forecasts, 48-hour weather forecasts, and more.


DashClock will keep you well-informed of the things you have to do without causing any hassle. This widget looks quite similar to Jelly Bean’s default clock, but can be changed by selecting from the theme selections available. The best feature of DashClock is in the extensions where you can see your next calendar appointment, unread texts messages and emails, missed calls and the weather forecast all seated next to the clock display.

ESPN ScoreCenter

ESPN ScoreCenter delivers live news, scores, and standings from hundreds of leagues around the world. With this widget in your home screen, you will not miss a free shot, a pitch, a goal, or a touchdown while you’re away from your TV sets. So whether you follow the Premier League or the NFL, Formula One or MMA, MLB or the Ashes, ESPN ScoreCenter will bring you the freshest updates and live game results straight to your smartphones whenever, wherever you may be.

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As have already been said that in order to get a job in today’s times you have to stay sharp & focused. You have to stay one step ahead of the competition every time. So follow the tips given below to the point & you might get a job even with the competition that is around you.

• Always remember there is no magic mantra that could get you a job in this time. You have to work really hard to secure a place for yourself in the job market.

• Be smarter, faster & more focused that others. To be smart & fast you have to update your resume with things like how you survive in challenging times, how you can best utilize a small budget, how you can bring clients & revenue immediately. Do some networking at least once a week. Return phone calls immediately rather than being lazy & absent minded about them & most importantly show a little humility to people who can help you out.

• Try out a part time job if you aren’t getting a full time job. It will help you earn some money & at the same time will keep you in a positive frame of mind.

• If you are not getting a job where you live then think of moving out of the city & go somewhere else.

• You have to stop being choosy about jobs in this time. Remember beggars can’t be choosers. So do whatever you get, do it. Just rest assured better times will come & you will get another job. The jobs you do this time will only make you richer with experience & will make your resume a little heavier.

• Most importantly, don’t lose hope. No matter what happens always keep your chin up.

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In normal time people tend to change their jobs frequently. They are able to do that since plenty of offers exist that time. But during recession times opportunities are hard to come by. Most of the companies are focused on lay offs rather than new recruits. So in such times having a secure job is of utmost importance.

If you have job security during bad economic periods then you won’t have to spend your day & nights worrying about how & where to get a job. You will have mental peace while others will have to spend their time in worries. Having a secure job will also bring about a certain stability in your career.

It will help tremendously in your personal growth. If you are doing a particular job for a long time in an organization then you become fully accustomed with the procedures & work environment in the place. It helps you give out your best every time.

But the biggest benefit of having a secure job is probably financial stability. You can be in peace knowing that at the end of the month you will be bringing home an amount that will take care of the well being of your family.

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